Body Building has become a trendy sport

Bodybuilding has become a trendy sport over the past few decades. A bodybuilder trains with heavy weights to increase strength and build large muscles for competitions or cosmetic purposes. While some bodybuilders do so for competition purposes, others just like the look they can create for their motivation.

Bodybuilders also learn how to perform poses that accentuate the display of different muscle groups to be rated by competition judges.

Various training methods are used by bodybuilders to get results, including training techniques like Positions of Flexion (POF), Static Contraction Training (SCT), High-Intensity Training (HIT), Superslow Training, Hyper Contraction and Plyometrics.

Bodybuilding has become an extremely competitive sport. Unfortunately, many top bodybuilders all over the world use anabolic steroids, hormones, and other possibly dangerous substances to reach the highest possible level of achievement in their sport.

However, experts disagree on whether the use of these aids is dangerous or not, and the topic remains a controversial issue. Athletes who prefer not to use steroids can opt to participate in what is known as ‘natural bodybuilding.’

People often confuse bodybuilding with weightlifting or powerlifting. However, they are two entirely different types of sport. Powerlifting is a sport in which the participant does competition lifts to try and raise the most massive amount of weight.

The fundamental goal of powerlifting is to get strong. In bodybuilding, the goal is to develop large muscles and low body fat. This requires a different type of fitness and training regime.
Also, distinguish bodybuilding from regular strength training that most people do in a health club or gymnasium. Strength training is a recommended fitness activity for all male and female people. Strength training aims not to build huge muscles but to improve functional strength, muscle endurance, and general fitness to promote overall health and increase the quality of life.

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