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If you’re starting a DIY project, eHow is a great place to start.  eHow is ranked in the top 250 most popular sites on Alexa which means it gets massive traffic.  Articles in eHow range from how to file your taxes online to how to build a stripper pole for your house.  You can also find recipes for great food and excellent drinks or information on how to housebreak a dog.  With such a wide range of topics, you can almost always see what you are specifically looking for, or you can just browse through the various sections and find out how to do things you didn’t know you didn’t know how to do.eHow

eHow is written entirely by the public.  As soon as an author creates an account,  he or she can start writing.  To promote more writers, eHow has what they call a writer’s compensation program.  To the unknowing public, views, ratings, recommendations, and friends “affect” how much money you make.  The truth is they just give you some percentage of their paid ads (Google Adsense is one of a few different affiliate programs they use).  Having more friends, comments, recommendations, etc.. might help you generate more traffic which will lead to more clicks, but they don’t have a direct effect on the amount of money each writer makes.  Technically, even the quality of your article doesn’t guarantee you’ll make any money on eHow.

I have made a decent amount of money with my articles about how to make various cocktails.  If you’re looking to make money on eHow, making friends, commenting articles, and getting involved in general will help generate traffic, but if you want to make money, get people clicking your ads. You can’t ask people to click your ads (it’s called click fraud and will get you banned), but you can write about installing subwoofers in a car and recommend people shop around.  In the event, the reader is inspired to click on the OnlineCarStereo ad below your article…. *grin*

Regarding the actual content, there are a ton of very well written contributors who give great directions that are easy to follow and actually very helpful.  Unfortunately, there are also tons of inferior writers who believe making money on eHow is all about publishing 500 useless articles.  99% of the stuff these authors write is garbage!  If you want to contribute, don’t worry about writing duplicate content (EDIT: Someone pointed out that writing duplicate content could lead to copyright issues.  What I mean is don’t be afraid to write an article about something someone else has written.  There are dozens of articles about “how too many money on how.”  As long as you write your own unique content in your own words and cite any sources you might have used, you’ll be okay); everyone learns and teaches a different way, so you might just help someone who would have otherwise been lost.  Either way, eHow is a great resource for finding out how to do just about anything!

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