Dental Crowns: 7 Reasons Why You May Need One?

Most of us neglect our oral health. Our natural teeth and gums are super sensitive and prone to decay if not taken care of properly. The teeth get weakened over time if they're not taken care of properly. Dental care is the most neglected, yet the most important thing that one must never ignore for a healthy life.
Dental Crowns

The most common signs of tooth weakening are the breaking of teeth, chipping off, and tooth decay. In a situation like so, dental crowns are used to restore teeth and make them stronger artificially. They are designed to fit onto the remaining part of the tooth, are hence are known as 'caps.'

A dental crown can be made up of a variety of materials depending upon the requirements and the budget of the patient. Most crowns are made up of porcelain, bonded onto pieces of metals. Glass crowns are also very common as they can be used anywhere inside the mouth. Ornamental crowns made of gold, silver, and stainless steel crowns are also commonly used by people and are some of the durable filling materials. 

Wondering whether you need a dental crown on your teeth? Here are a few scenarios where dental crowns are required:
  • To protect a damaged/broken tooth from any further damage: Regular wear and tear of teeth may lead to them being chipped or broken at the ends. Hence, to avoid any further damage, dental crowns are used as a one-stop solution. Caps made of porcelain, glass, or metal are designed to fit the space and are placed on top of the damaged tooth. They replicate the function of a healthy tooth while protecting the original tooth from further impairment.
  • To hold a denture or bridge firmly into its place: Sometimes artificial dentures and bridges are used in the tooth as a remedy for a lost, damaged, or broken tooth. These dentures and bridges need to be put in place firmly to avoid any movement, which may result in their damage. For this purpose, dental crowns act as the best solution.
  • To improve the appearance of the tooth: Many a time, lack of proper oral care leads to discoloration, or uneven coloration of teeth, which doesn't appear very aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, sometimes the natural grown of teeth is very uneven, and can't be remedied by any dental treatment. To rectify these issues and more, dental crowns are used. These give an even outer appearance to the teeth, making them look aesthetically beautiful.
  • To protect root fillings: Getting root fillings done on damaged teeth is a long and painful process. To add to the complexity, they're sensitive to any external damage that might happen whilst eat or talking. Hence, to protect them, dental crowns are a perfect barrier. They act as a shield between the root filling and the external environment, protecting the filling from any damage.
  • To strengthen damaged teeth: If you have any damaged tooth by any external or internal wear and tear, and you wish to save it and strengthen the tooth, you must immediately invest in a dental crown. Dental caps are the best solution to increase the strength of a weak tooth or set of teeth and work better than any other dental treatment. Not only do they increase the strength of the already existing tooth, but they also increase their life by protecting it from any further damage.
  • To restore, or make any changes to a tooth's shape: To rebuild a worn out, chipped anomalous tooth, a dental cap is used to restore its original shape. They are placed directly over the deformed tooth and are shaped perfectly in the way you would like your tooth to appear. They are mostly used for cosmetic purposes, to get a perfect smile. For this purpose, a dental crown made of porcelain is the most suitable, since it replicates the look of an actual tooth in appearance.
  • To replace existing crowns that may have failed: The procedure of getting dental crowns is not a foolproof one. Many a time, after the process, the caps become loose or tend to leave the tooth. It is damaging to the teeth under and around it. Hence, the moment you notice your dental crown/cap coming off, it's an excellent time to run to the dentist to avoid any further damage. Check with your dentist to conduct dental CT to stay safe and if your older crown ca be refit and reused. Otherwise, it's time to invest in a new one.
A dental crown typically lasts for multiple years, subject to regular wear and tear, and how much care has been taken to protect them. To increase their life, they must be taken care of, as you would take care of your natural teeth. The dental crowns do not decay, but significant decay can start happening at the edge where the crown meets the tooth, leading to damage. Hence, one must brush twice a day and floss regularly if they wish to keep their dental crowns and natural teeth happy and healthy.

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