5 Options To Get Your Dream Degree In 2020

With the year almost ending, this is the moment to ponder how to grow your professional career in the new year. Perhaps you are not content with how this year has been. This moment is ripe for developing strategies that will see you do better in your professional career next year. 

When looking forward to a promotion or to switch careers, getting an appropriate degree should come on top of your to-do list. Check out the various options you can consider getting your dream degree. 

Sponsored degree

This degree is sponsored by an employer to give an employee a chance to enhance their skills. Good employers pay a salary and can cover your tuition fees. Alternatively, other employers can offer a bursary with paid work placements. This gives staff a chance to benefit from a sponsored degree by enrolling for a distance learning course or going to a brick and mortar educational institution. You have a chance to determine how to spend time according to your regular schedule to balance working and studying. Other employers allow full-time study and working during the school holiday. 

The flexibility of a sponsored degree depends on the choice of degree. Courses that require too much attention like engineering, accounting, and management demand too much time. Regardless of your choice of course, there is a possibility of your employer willing to pay you a salary while giving you financial support to get a higher education if you are an outstanding employer. 

Buy a degree online

For people with a tiny budget but wish to compete favourably in the job market, you can buy UK degree online. This requires finding an agency online offering accredited degrees and you select the most appropriate to your job requirement. There is no need to worry about high tuition fees and other costs. Some of the courses available when buying online include:
  • Social work
  • Fine art and design
  • Social science
  • Business and marketing
  • Applied science and engineering

You can keep your day job knowing that your degree is coming without any hassle or adjusting your schedule. Buying an accredited degree is for everyone including those having an impending promotion opportunity or job switch without time to earn a degree the traditional way. This is the cheapest, quickest, and most convenient way to get a degree. 

Part-time degree study

This is undertaking part-time study alongside your regular job. You are likely to study for longer since you are studying part-time. However, it is a very flexible option that allows keeping your regular job. You can visit the educational institution after work or during the weekend. Alternatively, you can enroll for an online course to allow studying at a time and place of your convenience. 

Degree apprenticeships

This degree offers the benefits of a regular university degree and apprenticeship while relieving you of the high tuition cost. Earning this degree requires splitting time between spending time at the workplace and at the university. Throughout this period, you are employed to earn a wage while getting on-the-job experience in your preferred profession. This degree is tailoured to match the needs of businesses in partnership with educational institutions. 

Enrolling into an apprenticeship degree requires earning top grades since getting a slot with the best paying employers is very competitive. These employers usually collaborate with the most prestigious universities. Some of the popular courses for this kind of degree include accounting, pharmaceutical, and retail management. 

Higher apprenticeships

When unsuccessful in getting a degree apprenticeship opportunity or prefer a less competitive option, a high apprenticeship opportunity is a solution. This is a work-based learning experience to earn a Level four qualification equivalent to a higher national diploma or foundation degree. This is available in courses including:
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Laboratory science

Various companies regardless of size offer higher apprenticeship opportunities to students and might be in your home area. After completing this apprenticeship opportunity, it becomes easier to enroll for a full degree. This allows gaining professional recognition and qualifying for promotions at work to boost your professional career. 

Keep this in mind

The availability of these options offers everyone a chance to get a dream degree regardless of financial and educational background. Selecting the road to take is a matter of personal choice according to your current situation. Apprenticeships allow getting professional qualifications with industry experience at the same time. Being aware of the available options makes it easy for you to realise the possible route to take when looking forward to getting a degree of your dreams

Wrapping up

After realizing the options available, hope it is now easier to weigh your options regarding how to earn a degree. When you have no time and have a small budget, buying a degree online is a smart thing to do. This degree comes without the hassle of coursework, high tuition costs, or waiting for years. 

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