Is Life Experience Degree a Reality or Sham!

Online degrees have always been under scrutiny of authenticity. There are many colleges or universities posing to be an authentic medium to apply for online degrees. However, if you are a newcomer to online education, it is difficult to know which degree or college is authentic to buy online degrees.

There are different types of courses available on the internet today. Courses you may never hear off before today. One such course is life experience degree. You may have heard on television or read in magazines about life experience degrees. People may even get excited about the same knowledge that they have an opportunity to earn a degree based on their life experience. But, is life experience degree a reality or some stunt to earn money. This article would shed some light on whether or not you should buy life experience degree online.

What is a Life Experience Degree?

Of lately, there has been a great discussion on life experience degrees. However, not many understand the meaning or importance of it in life. A life experience degree is a certificate authenticating your work experience in your field. This degree does not require you to attend classes or give exams. It’s purely on the basis of your life experience. People who often go for this kind of degree are the ones who either don’t have a regular educational degree or who are looking to add their education portfolio. 

Sham or Reality!

Not everyone is aware, but many think that due to some loophole in the law, you pursue this degree. All you need to do is find a degree that matches your current work experience, pay the fee and you will get a nice looking certificate delivered at your doorstep. You can buy a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree in life experience. 

There is a theory that only dishonest people, who run from the effort of studying apply for this degree. Any degree issued without any assignments, classes or exams should not be taken seriously. There are colleges that accept life credits to finish their degrees, but no one is sure about their credibility. Therefore, you won't earn a degree; you should achieve it in an old-fashioned way. If you are still hung up on earning one, you should start looking for an accredited college offering life experience degree online.

If you look on the internet, there are many colleges and universities are today offering degree programs based on your life experience. You don’t have to earn it traditionally. All you need to do is fill-up an application form with verifiable sources for your experience evaluation. If you are able to qualify as per their criteria, you can have a diploma within days. But how many companies actually give weightage to such degrees.

The main objective to earn a degree is to stand equally with others for work opportunities. Education helps in making a quality life for ourselves. Sometimes you are unable to earn proper education because your circumstances did not allow. You either could not move out of your house to attend a faraway college because your local college does not offer the education you wanted to pursue or you didn’t have the finances. Regardless of the reasons, you are always considered below, the ones who hold a legitimate degree, despite the amount of experience or skills you have.

Life experience degree online is a great opportunity for such people because it is an acknowledgement of these learning experiences that you earned in your life. With an official seal, you can use it a qualification certificate and fight for the same opportunities as others. If you already own special skills and there is no specific education for your skill, then you need to have one. For instance, in case of locksmiths, there is no formal recognition of this profession. However, with the help of life experience degrees they can earn the reputation, they are currently finding difficult to earn.

So, your future is an investment. You need to be careful about the options you choose. Life experience degrees are authentic or not are still debatable. So, you need to do your homework and understand whether it’s suitable for you or not. Earning an online degree is quite easy today. But unless you have anything to prove its credibility, it’s like just another paper in your folder. So, think properly and earn your degrees only from reputable institutions, whether it’s a regular degree or something like life experience. Don’t get blinded by institutions that pose to be genuine. Otherwise, you would be holding nothing but just a costly piece of paper. 

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