Unemployed job seeker no longer needed to certify documents

certify documents

A recent study has revealed that South African youth spend an average of R938 a month looking for a job. These costs include costly admin work that one needs to do, but there's good news for those in the process of job hunting.

Part of the job search includes making copies of documents that often need to be certified before submitting your job application.

The Department of Public Service and Administration has issued a circular to all national and provincial departments, giving notice that job applicants are no longer required to submit certified copies of their educational qualifications and other relevant documents along with their applications.

In a statement, the Public Service and Administration Acting Director-General, Linda Dludla, said:

In order to alleviate the administrative burden on Human Resource sections, as well as cost for applicants, departments are encouraged to request certified copies of educational qualifications and other relevant documents only from shortlisted candidates.

According to the department, applicants must submit a duly completed Z83 form, copies of supporting documents, and a detailed CV.

Should you apply for a national and provincial government department advertised job, you are advised to complete all fields in Part A and Part B of the new Z83 form.

Dludla added applicants who will not use the most recent Z83 form for employment issues in line with Regulation 10 of the Public Service Regulations, 2016 will be disqualified.

Applicants are also advised to answer all areas as it is acceptable for an applicant to indicate 'not applicable' but not acceptable to just leave sections blank.

Applicants ought to also complete all fields in total for both Part C and D. Concerning Part E, F, and G, where there is limited space, applicants are allowed to indicate “see attached’ Curriculum Vitae (CV), as long as the CV is attached with all the required information.

“The questions related to conditions that prevent re-appointment in the public service space under Part F must be answered. The declaration must also be completed and signed,” shared Dludla.

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