7 Steps To Become Starting a Rock Climbing Gym House Business

Starting a Rock Climbing Gym House – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Conduct Feasibility Studies

In other to get the ball rolling on your quest of establishing a rock climbing gym house in your city, you need to first conduct your feasibility studies to be sure that the business will thrive in the city you choose to locate it in and also to have a proper perspective of all that you would need to start this kind of business in your country or city.
As a matter of fact, a good feasibility studies gives you a clearer picture of the capital needed to start and manage a rock climbing gym house. It is not a must that you should be the one to conduct the feasibility studies yourself; you can contract it out to business consultant / experts to help you do it.

2. Write Your Business Plan
The fact that you are in business means that you want to make money whilst rendering services or products to your customers. So, it is important to sit down and write a business plan before committing your time and money in establishing your rock climbing gym house.
Your gym house business plan is a road map or blue print of your business and you must pay attention to it; it will serve as your business guide. Your business plan is supposed to give you a guide on how to finance your business, how to manage the business and how to make profits and expand the business et al.
3. Raise Startup Capital
No doubt, establishing a rock climbing gym house can be capital intensive especially for aspiring entrepreneurs who are just looking out to start a business. As a matter of fact, you would need enough cash to lease or buy a facility that will be ideal to start a rock climbing gym house, you would need money to equip the gym house, and you would also need money to buy all the required insurance cover for your gym house.
For that reason, be sure that you carry out proper costing before preparing your budget. Once you have an idea of the startup capital, you can then go ahead to employ every legal means you know to raise the money.
4. Register Your Business and obtain all the Required License and Permits
In most countries of the world it is illegal to run a business that is not registered. As a matter of fact, the process required of registering businesses globally is becoming easier by the day and the fee is affordable. So, ensure that you register your rock climbing gym house and then obtain your business license and all the necessary permits. You will also be required to buy insurance for your business. You can talk to your insurance broker to guide you on the insurance cover to buy.
5. Buy or Lease a Large Facility
The truth is that the higher your rock climbing gym house, the more people you will attract. It is now easier for people to build climbing walls in their houses, but these climbing walls aren’t high enough for them to catch the kind of fun they desire that is why they will pay to enroll in a rock climbing gym house.
Make certain that your rent a facility that is big and high enough to fit into your purpose. You can consult your real estate agent to help you look for existing gyms that are put up for sale. It is cost effective to lease or purchase an existing gym as against building your own rock climbing gym house from the scratch.
6. Equip Your Facility
You would need the best of equipment for your gym, if you want to attract enough customers. Equipments like: carabiners, quickdraws, belay devices, ascenders, rappel devices (descenders), harness, rope, cord and webbing. You would also need safety gadgets like crash helmets, climbing shoes / booths, hand gloves,
7. Market and Advertise Your Rock Climbing Gym House
Marketing and advertising your rock climbing gym is perhaps one of the major ways you can get people to enroll in your rock climbing gym house. So you definitely need a gym house marketing plan. Part of what you need to do to market and advertise your rock climbing gym is to print and distribute hand bills in your city, you can also list your business in the directories (yellow pages) of your city and you can run adverts in both the print and electronic media if you know you have the finance to do so.

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