7 Steps To Become an Electric Car Charging Station

As an entrepreneur who is looking to start a business whose service or product is likely going to be in high demand not just now but also in the future, then you should look in the direction of starting an electric car charging station. Smart entrepreneurs work hard to develop charging stations for electric vehicles because of the growing need of such stations in strategic places.
Before now, people are only exposed to fuel or diesel powered vehicles, but with the advent of electric vehicles, electric car charging stations have begun to spring up in the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, German and loads of other countries. The truth is that, once a faster means of charging electric cars are developed, it will encourage more people to make use of electric car. But for now, because of the time it takes to fully charge an electric car; usually 20 hours if the battery is completely drained, most people prefer to stick to their conventional automobile.
No doubt starting an electric car charging station will definitely not thrive in most countries simply because of the numbers of electrical powered cars available in the country and as a matter of fact, there are some countries where you are likely not going to see any electric car.
Here are some surefire tips that will be useful to you if you want to start an electric car charging station;

Starting an Electric Car Charging Station – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Carry out Feasibility Studies and Research
Without a shadow of doubt, one of the best steps you would need to take if you want to start any serious business is to conduct feasibility studies. If you intend starting your own electric car charging station, then you should take out time to carry out your own feasibility studies. It is important because you will be able to find out the number of electric cars in the locations you intend setting up your car charging station, and how frequent people make use of public electric car charging stations. It is a fact that nearly everyone who owns an electric car has a means of charging it at home; they only make use of public charging stations when they are far from their home.
2. Get Trained
It is much easier to operate an electric car charging station once everything has been successfully installed. All that is required is just to plug the charger to the car and then switch on the electric power and monitor it. Beyond this simple process, it is important to undergo training on how to operate a public electric car charging station. With the right knowledge, you will have an edge over your competitors.
3. Draft a Business Plan
Starting an electric car charging station is a serious business and it requires a detailed plan on how to operate it. Consequently, what is expected of you to do is to ensure that you spend time working on a business plan that will help you run the business. Business plan is not just a document that is needed when sourcing for investors or loan, but a blue print of how you intend to manage the business. It should contain clearly stated strategies on how to source for capital. How to source for clients, how expand the business and generate good returns on your investment
4. Register Your Business and Get Approval from the Government
You are expected to register your business before you are able to get approval from the federal government to build a public electric car charging station. You can talk to your attorney to advice on the steps you need to follow to be able to successfully register your electric car charging station and to get approval from the government to operate the business in any location of your choice.
5. Choose a Good Location to Construct Your Electric Car Charging Station
It will be a foolish business decision to construct an electric car charging station in a place where you can hardly see an electric powered car. The report you generated from your feasibility studies comes in handy when looking for an ideal location to set up your electric car charging station.
At least the basic factor that will inform your choice of a location for an electric car charging station is the number of electric cars available in the community or state. One good thing about electrical car charging station is that you can negotiate with the management of public buildings, parks, and malls et al to install your electric car charging gadget in their facility. People who own electric car finds it convenient to charge their electric car while they do something else. It could be shopping, seeing movie or hanging out in a bar.
6. Install the Necessary Gadgets
You are expected to install several charging ports in your car charging station to allow for easy charging when your customer pulls in. Beyond installing electric charging gadgets in your charging station, it is also very important to install safety gadgets as well. Proper signage should be placed at strategic positions in the charging stations to prevent customers from engaging in any activity that may cause harm to them.
7. Advertise and Market Your Electric Car Charging Station
There are several ways you can advertise your electric car charging station. As matter of fact, you just have to make noise about your charging station if you are new in town. This is important if you want to attract owners of electric cars in your community or state. Another method that you can adopt is to collect the contact details of people who own electric car around you and then send them customized messages to introduce your electric car charging station. You can as well place adverts on automobile magazines et al.
Lastly, once you are able to secure a good location for your car charging station, you will definitely get good returns on your investment within the shortest possible time frame.

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