7 Steps To Become a Mobile Mechanic Service

How to Start a Mobile Mechanic Service

If you have taken your time to observe the auto mechanic industry, you might realize that any mechanic that is well positioned will always have jobs to do that will definitely translate to cash. No doubt there are some areas where some auto mechanic workshop competes against one another due to the fact that they are largely concentrated in that area.

If you run your own auto mechanic workshop and you are always struggling to get jobs due to competitions, then you should consider improvising. One of the ways you can improvise as a mechanic is to start your own mobile mechanic business. Even if you are an apprentice that has gained freedom and you don’t have enough capital to rent a garage and start your own auto mechanic workshop, you can as well consider starting your own mobile mechanic business.

Mobile mechanic business as the name implies is operating your mechanic business on the go. It means that even if you don’t have a mechanic workshop, you can still move around to help people fix or service their automobile in their homes, offices, and even on the road when you are called upon to do so.

Starting a mobile mechanic business requires low startup capital and it is a very profitable venture because you would have eliminated the cost of renting and maintaining a workshop / garage. All that you would spend your startup capital on is to acquire your working tools, a utility vehicle and perhaps the money required to register the business and to print your business card.

Now with a sample mobile mechanic business plan template on hand, let us quickly consider the 7 steps to follow to be able to establish a mobile mechanical workshop from the scratch;
Starting a Mobile Mechanic Service – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Make up Your Mind to Do It

Starting a mobile mechanic business is indeed profitable but the truth is that it comes with its own fair share of challenges that is why you must think through before making up your mind. The fact remains that there are times when you will struggle to get jobs especially when you are just starting out in the business.

Another challenge that you are likely to face with your mobile mechanic business is that sometimes you might have to access the condition of the automobile to be fixed before going back to your base to bring the tools needed to fix it.

2. Get Trained

If you have not been trained as an auto mechanic, then you need to take out time to go get trained. The training could take well over 3 years depending on your ability to grasp what you are being taught. So it is always advisable to look for an established auto mechanic workshop and get enrolled as an apprentice. You can as well acquire auto mechanic training from a technical school or college.

3. Register Your Business Name

Even if you are not going to rent a garage to run this type of business, it is very important that you register the business. The truth is that if you truly want to work for corporate clients, then you must register your business. Besides, some of your clients may likely be companies that own pool of cars.

They would rather prefer they call up a mechanic to come help them fix or service their vehicles in their premises as against taking them to an auto mechanic workshop especially if they don’t have their own auto repair garage.

4. Acquire a Utility Truck and All Necessary Tools

Starting a mobile mechanic business means that your auto workshop is mobile. That means all your tools would be transported to where you are called to work; in essence you would need a utility truck. So ensure that you purchase a reliable utility vehicle, one that has the ability to tow vehicles when the need arises. Also, it is important that you list all the tools you would need for your mobile mechanic business and get them purchased.

5. Print and Distribute Your Business Cards

Part of the strategy you need to adopt to be able to secure clients is to print your business card, and then move around offices to sell your business and distribute your business cards. Just ensure that your business card clearly states the nature of services you provide and how you can be contacted.

6. Develop a Strategy on How to Move around Town to Source for Jobs

Part of what you need to do to get auto repair jobs is to move around the city and highways to see if you can come across any body who is stranded and would need a mechanic to come help him / her fix his / her automobile urgently.

Of course, it is important to develop a strategy that will help you not to move around aimlessly. The truth is that if you are not careful with moving around you would end up spending more on fueling your utility vehicle without commiserating returns.

7. Display Competence and Integrity

One of the things that enable you to get repeat businesses /customers is your ability to display competence and integrity at every given opportunity. The truth is that most of the clients you would be working for are people who will be meeting you for the first time. If you display any level of incompetence, you are likely not going to get a repeat business from them. Just ensure that you do a job that can earn you referrals.

No doubt there are many ways you can expand your mobile mechanic business, the fact that your business involves visiting people’s homes or offices to help them repair or service their automobile gives you an advantage over those who just run their mechanic repair jobs from their garage / workshop. If you are hard working and you know your job, you stand the chance of making huge turnover, simply because, home service is known to be a little bit expensive in any business.

There you have it; the 7 steps you need to follow to establish your own mobile mechanic business.

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