3 Super quick lesson in SEO

SEO also is known as Search engine optimisation is now a significant factor any to be a successful webmaster must not overlook. The following SEO tips listed below will help you to better understand SEO and also use it for your website.

1. Content: 

It is essential to have good content on your website to retain your current visitors and to make them bring more visitors. If you are not ready to write quality content or provide value to your readers, the SEO is not for you.

2. Meta Tags: 

We earlier talked about quality content which is the human food, since we are talking about SEO we will also be talking about the search engine food which is the meta tags. The meta tags consist of the Website/page title, the keywords and the description. It is essential not to overlook the meta tags of a website because they influence the rankings of a website to an extent. Good practice for optimising your meta tags is listed below:
  • i. Include your desired keyword in the title at least once as this will improve your chance of ranking for that particular keyword, e.g. Website A and B have the same amount of backlinks, they both have quality content with the same keyword density, and they are all in the same niche, let’s say hotel. Website A title is “Get best Hotel deals Here” while website B title is “Visit our website for more info”: You will discover that website A will come out first when a keyword related to Hotel is being searched for in the search engines, website A will also be more appealing to human beings.
  • ii. Write a convincing description because this is what will be shown to your “to be” visitors who are trying to get to you through a search engine: keyword stuffing will not do well in this.
  • iii. Use your desired keywords in the meta keywords.

3. Link Building: 

If you have quality content and your meta tags have been highly optimised for the search engines, then you need to focus the rest of your efforts on link building. The following are best practices:
  • i. Let your link building be as relevant as possible, i.e. only collect links for a political website from a political site.
  • ii. Let your link building be as consistent as possible, i.e. don’t post today only and forget posting tomorrow.
  • iii. Use anchor texts most of the time and use variations of them.
  • iv. Dofollow is good, but try to also gather some nofollow because it makes your link building natural in the eyes of the search engines.
  • v. Try as much as possible to deep link to all your posts and not only to the home page because if your homepage keyword brings ten visitors a day and other pages bring 2 if you have 20 pages, your visitors becomes 40 instead of 10 if you had not deep linked. With all the above done accordingly, I congratulate you, and I say happy rankings.

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